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Dave in the Ochocos

Dr. Dave Lytle [send email]
Evolutionary ecology of aquatic organisms

Tiffany photo

Dr. Jonathan Tonkin [send email]
Postdoctoral Scholar
Population dynamics in aquatic ecosystems

Rich photo

Rich Van Driesche [send email]
Lab manager - Chief taxonomist 

Emily at Dragoons

Emily Hartfield Kirk [send email]
PhD student
Ecohydrology and genetic structure of aquatic insect populations


Erin Abernethy [send email]
PhD student
Dams and aquatic ecosystems


Eric Kortenhoeven [send email]
MS student
Flow regimes and aquatic populations, Verde River, Arizona


Dave DuBose [send email]
MS student
Floods and ecosystem services, Bill Williams River, Arizona

Lytle Lab 2013
Lytle Lab in 2013. Back row: Deb Finn, Dan Trovillion, Miguel Canedo, Dave Lytle, Kate Boersma, Mike Bogan
Front: Rich Van Driesche, Ivan Phillipsen, Laura McMullen, Haley Ohms, Tiffany Schriever, Emily Hartfield (photo: Ivan Phillipsen)

Dr. Tiffany Schriever - postdoc 2012-2015
Dr. Dong Gun Kim - postdoc 2014-2015
Dr. Ivan Phillipsen - postdoc 2011-2013
Dr. Miguel Cañedo-Argüelles - postdoc 2012-2013
Dr. Haley Ohms - PhD 2017
Dr. Kate Boersma - PhD 2013
Dr. Mike Bogan - PhD 2012
Dr. Laura McMullen - PhD 2011
Dr. Asako Yamamuro - PhD 2009
Dr. Deb Finn - postdoc 2006-2008
Dr. Morgan Hannaford - sabbatical visitor 2007-2008 (faculty at Shasta College)
Arlo Pelegrin - MSc 2006
Mike Bogan - MSc 2005
Cathleen Dora - MSc 2004



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